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Welcome to the english part of my Homepage

There are 3 reasons for creating an english part of my homepage:

  • First of all I would like to let you know something about the student exchange program which I've joined in 1985 and about the meeting with my host parents 17 years after my visit in St. Louis during their trip to Germany in September 2002. I have lived in a wonderful host-family and I'm glad that we are still in contact.
  • The second intention was to inform anyone who may be interested in visiting Scotland about Anke's and my trip to Scotland in 2001. Perhaps there may be some useful tips if you are planning a trip to Scotland.
  • The third intention was to tell you something about my favourite hobby - Shotokan Karate.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or you would like to get in contact please write an email to the following email-adress:
(please insert an @ instead of [at], I've used this style not to get too many spam-mails).

I would be very pleased if you would sign my guestbook.

Sorry in advance for any grammatical mistakes - my last english lessons are a long time ago...
Have fun while you're surfing through my pages...


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